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Christopher Wilson Photography


Lexie Anderson, Mountaineer

This is Lexie Anderson. She is trying to become the first female IFMGA mountain guide as a split-boarder - basically a snowboard that splits in two allowing a snowboarder to ascend a mountain in the same manner as a backcountry skier. To be certified as an IFMGA guide - the international association of mountain guides - is an extraordinarily rigorous journey, requiring Lexie be a master mountaineer, rock climber, ice climber and snowboarder. But beyond these technical demands, Lexie must have a plethora of skills including high-altituide mountaineering, rescue and first-aid, and avalanche assessment. That Lexie must be in killer physical shape goes without saying. To be an IFMGA guide one must also "possess high moral standards" - which I love. This certification is not for the faint of heart or weak of body. Lexie figures it will take her three years to become certified. You go girl!

Christopher Wilson