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Christopher Wilson Photography
Christopher Wilson Photography

Treatment 7


First of all, thank you so much for considering me for this project. It’s an absolutely wonderful campaign, and I would be thrilled to my marrow to help you bring it to life.


From your layouts to the right, it’s clear that what you’re hoping to evoke through the imagery are those magical, molecule-rearranging, transformational moments in life where people are, well, in the moment. There is no past. There is no future. There is only simply being present to the world around you. We’ve all had those moments. We all long for more of those moments. They are moments that may only last a second, but you remember them for a lifetime. In my life, I’ve been blessed to have had many of those moments. The first time I saw a Baobab tree. The first time I sailed the Arabian Sea. The first time I saw the Sahara. The first time I met my wife. The first time my daughter smiled at me. The list goes on and on. Sometimes the moments are big and feel monumental. Other times they’re tiny, and from the outside, feel so ordinary. Regardless, they are life-affirming, and, in no small measure, give meaning to our lives.             

I think this is a brave approach to a tourism campaign - brave because it dares to try and capture the intimate, fleeting human reaction to seeing something magical for the first time. It is something that is not easily captured on film - at least not authentically, nor something that can illicit true feeling. I love it. It’s fantastic. And in the next few pages, I’ll start to map out a plan to get the unexpected imagery you and your clients envision for this campaign.

Kelly Nowels