Christopher Wilson Photography
Christopher Wilson Photography


Cowgirls of Color


In a sport dominated by white cowboys, seeing a black cowboy who competes in rodeos is a rarity. And then there’s seeing the Cowgirls of Color, an all-female, all-black rodeo team from Maryland no less. Seeing them at a rodeo let alone seeing them compete in one, is blowing both minds and stereotypes. And it was absolute joy to work with these “Ladies With Lassos,” as they call themselves, as part of a campaign for the new Ford Expedition.

Thanks so much to Eric McClellan, Einar Orn and Gerry Kozikowski of GTB, for entrusting me with their wonderful campaign. And thanks so much to Pennie Brown, KB Bowles, Britt Brat Logan and Pinky Dorsey - the cowgirls themselves. Ride’m, Cowgirls!