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Christopher Wilson Photography


Graphis Photography Annual

I just learned I got 18 images into the new 2016 Graphis Photography Annual. I am thrilled beyond belief by the recognition. Thrilled because it’s such a wonderful publication, with a history of being filled with extraordinary photographers. And to be mentioned in the same breath as some of these people - some of whom are my heroes - is an honor difficult to take in.

However, having said this, I must admit that I am also a bit embarrassed by the recognition, as, for the most part, I feel undeserving. In my mind, I could never touch the scope and ability of some of these photographers. Never. But who am I to judge? As someone once said, “I’m really more interested in the nomination than the award, because I think the nominations just puts you within a group of the outstanding.”

Thank you, Graphis.

Christopher Wilson