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Christopher Wilson Photography


Maasai Elder

Zarmpu Lenganya, a Maasai elder, photographed in Tanzania during a male-circumcision ceremony - something every Maasai male goes through in order to become a warrior. Hundreds of villagers were there, singing, dancing, drinking home-made honey beer, and slaughtering a cow for a feast. If I remember correctly, Zarmpu may have had a bit too much honey beer, as he was a bit wobbly and the cane kept him from falling back into the backdrop. Such a beautiful, elegant, albeit drunk man.

Thanks so much to Tyler Northrup, for all his friendship and support, and to Peter Jones of Tanganyika Film & Safari Outfitters,in Tanzania for all his expertise, experience and friendship. I couldn’t imagine doing this trip without them. Asante sana: "Thank you," in Swahili.

Christopher Wilson